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Which means that he gets his full pay AND he can supplement his income with consulting/advocacy work.* Kozinski would seem to be roughly in the top 1000 most talented men in America.Comments at Steve Sailer: * A clerkship with Judge Kozinski is really hard to get, but it is a serious boost to people who want to go on to clerk for the Supreme Court.He really did have an “in” with Kennedy and O’Connor.

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To those who say that Kozinski shouldn’t have retired, here’s something worth thinking about.

This must have been very painful to Bond who like any fat person has the same inner desires as anyone else.

Even if she did not want to have an actual sexual relationship with the judge, she wanted to be seen as ELIGIBLE to have one and not some repulsive creature that could never have made the list that the judge kept.

(I think Heidi was technically an O’Connor clerk, but she got loaned out to Kennedy when he was first on the Court.) Kennedy is very sensitive to elite opinion, and the other Justices have some sensitivity as well.

If Kozinski had weathered the storm, I strongly suspect that he would have dried up as a feeder judge — and this would have led to him having weaker applicants, which he wouldn’t appreciate.

But over the past decade, the United States has poured more than billion in security assistance into Egypt with little to show for it except more jobs for a defense industry exporting materiél that is ill-suited to Egypt’s defense needs and that allow the Egyptian military to sustain a patronage system that distorts the economy and fuels corruption.

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