Rules dating book review

04-Feb-2018 17:14

Whether you are a single woman looking for your Mr.

Right, a woman who is dating a man but isn’t in a committed relationship yet, or a woman who is presently in a relationship with a man and wants to make sure she can keep him forever, The Rules book by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider may have captured your attention.

And frankly, those days women settled down with whomever their fathers choose for them.

Often, it was not ok to kiss a man, let alone sleep with a man before marriage.

I handed my phone over to Friend #1- she spent some time typing what appeared to be a message a little on the longer side; something to the effect of- “Hey! I had an awesome time last night and would love to see you again! Make this shorter.” I took back my phone and combined the advice of my two favorite ladies into a message I felt comfortable sending. A message that expressed interest but didn’t take things too far.

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The woman could not call a man, ask a man out, or even express her interest in a particular man.

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And most importantly, you must remember that when a man acquired a wife, it was like acquiring an asset, a servant, in other words free labor to care for the man, cook for him, clean his house, and raise his kids.

There are still places in the world that live by the same standards.In those places a woman doesn’t get to choose whom she marries, and the groom will sometimes have to give her father money and goods in order to acquire a wife and a mother for his future children.